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To everyone in the community of St. Jean all we can say is we are beaming with pride for all our community did to make this event a huge success this year. Our Fire Department, Public works staff, municipal workers, volunteers and land owners that bound together to pump out flooded streets, basements, direct traffic than come back and make sure the derby was still a success your efforts did not go unnoticed and we did it. St Jean you all made it happen and the derby was a big success.  Thanks to all of your tireless efforts we managed to slide 1027 machines with 430 passengers through these trails this year.

Thank you to all of our sponsors with special mention to the following;

-Jp Mack of Maddmack Motorsports I thank you for putting on one hell of a show on Friday Night Lights. You even made the sky light up some how.

-Enns Brothers for always having equipment for us to use and all the little things you make happen for our event.

-Colin Sulkers of CNE Electric for donating your time and materials to make sure the band for this year and many years to come can rock the park.

-Lavallee Gravel for everything they do above and beyond donations for this event and every other event in town.  it is appreciated.

-Jablonski Electrical for all of your man hours staffing and equipment through all hours to make the trails happen before the event and during the event it would not be possible without those efforts.

-St jean foods/Bigway all of your generosity and constant support for everything in this town is greatly appreciated.

-Hok, Daycare, Caisse, École Regional St jean Baptiste, Pembina Valley Twisters, Red River Wild, The knights, Rebels, Minor Hockey for all of the check stops, security and food stops we can’t do this without you. thank you!

-Last but not least the RM of Montcalm for all of there support staff and equipment. without them there would be no derby or mudbog.

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